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Aegeon Pelagos


Aegeon Pelagos, is the ANEK new subsidiary company.




(chartered from ANEK)

Length: 192 mt.

Width: 27 mt

Service speed: 23 knots

Cars: 650

Passengers: 1494



(chartered from ANEK)

Length: 192 mt.

Width: 29,4 mt

Service speed: 21 knots

Cars: 719

Passengers number: 1500



Destinations & Routes

Aegeon Pelagos Sea Lines runs ferries to several Cycladic islands (Milos, Santorini, Anafi, Syros, Mykonos), ferries Crete (Heraklio port, Sitia port), ferries to Dodecanese islands (Kassos, Karpathos, Chalki, Rhodes), ferries to Norhteastern islands (Ikaria, Samos).

- Piraeus - Milos - Santorini- Heraklion- Sitia - Kassos - Karpathos - Chalki - Rhodes
- Piraeus - Santorini - Anafi - Kassos - Karpathos - Diafani- Chalki - Rhodes
- Piraeus - Syros - Mykonos - Evdilos - Ag. Kirikos - Fourni - Karlovasi - Vathy

Offers & Discounts

Offer for 4-berth Cabins
Booking must be made under same reference number in a 4-berth cabin. The fourth ticket is free of charge under the condition that at least two tickets have full fare.
The subject offer is cummulative with the return discount at the full fare tickets.

50% Discount for Multi-Child Parents - Parents of three children (The discount is given with the display of a certified identity book of Multi-child Parents and is valid for all seats)

Children up to 4 years old travel free of charge, yet, without being entitled to a bed, and a respective reservation and zero price ticket issue are required.
Children up to 4 years old with a bed are entitled to 50% discount.
Children that are 4-12 years old are entitled to 50% discount in all classes.
Children that travel with cabin reservations should be escorted by an adult paying the full fare.

50% discount for students studying at Greek Universities and Technical Colleges card holders. The discount is valid as well for their vehicles and motorbikes.
A valid student identity card is required for the ticket issuance and the check-in process. However, the discount is not valid for cabins of Α2, A2D, LUX and L2D categories.

50% Discount for Soldiers

Special Discounts
30% Discount for Proffessors of Universities and TEI's of Crete. The discount applies to all seats

5+1 free ticket
ANEK LINES offers a free ticket, equal to the average value of five tickets used within a period of twelve months. All five tickets must bear the same name and they must have been issued on the same line*. The offer applies to passenger and private car tickets. It does not apply to tickets of motorbikes, motorcycles, unescorted vehicles and Extra Bed tickets.
For tickets issued on lines from Crete, the offer stands regardless of the port of destination.

25% Retour Discount

10% Discount on domestic fares. The discount is valid throughout the year for passengers that issue simultaneously both their domestic and abroad tickets, and is valid for their vehicles as well

50% Discount for War Veterans (The discount is valid only with the appropriate ID)
The discount applies to all seats

50% Discount for Pensioners of Marine Pension Fund. The discount applies to all seats

50% Discount for victims from the shipwreck "HERAKLEOY'' (The discount is valid only with the appropriate ID)

50% Supplement for single use of cabin

Persons with Special Needs
50% Discount for persons with Special Needs. (The discount is valid only with the appropriate ID)
The discount applies to all seats

50% Discount for Blinds
The discount applies to all seats

50% Discount for War Invalids and their Escorts (Invalids should display their identity card issued by the Ministry of National Defence and escorts should display an official certification of their capacity and in the same seat category as the invalid). The discount applies to all seats

50% Discount for the cars of persons with Special Needs

Cancellation Policy

General Info

Transportation Terms
Passengers, their luggage and vehicles are transported pursuant to:
a) Athens Convention relating to the carriage of Passengers and their Luggage by sea, 1974 and its protocols of 1976.
b) The Brussels International Convention of 1924 and its protocols of 1968 and 1979.
c) The Greek Private Shipping Law.
d) AEGEON PELAGOS general terms of transport.
The above terms include exceptions and limitations in regards to the carrier's liability in the event of death, illness or injury, or vehicle and luggage damage or loss, or delay or change of route.
Particularly, the Athens Convention pertains to the carrier's liability limits with regards to death, illness or injury, loss or damage to luggage or vehicles, as well as loss or damage to valuables.

Ticket Reservations
Pursuant to EU Directive 98/41, the Presidential Decree 2399 of the Greek State and the Solas International Directive, in order to make a reservation the following details should be notified to the company:
a) For EU nationals passengers: - Surname-First Name-Sex-Age description (Adult-child-baby)
– Contact phone number
- Vehicle type-Registration number
b) For non EU nationals passengers, the following details are also required:
- Nationality
- Passport number Tickets are valid for one year from the date of issue.

Changes- Cancellations
Tickets may be cancelled or changed at the competent port offices and head ticket offices of AEGEON PELAGOS. For cancellations the following percentage of the fare is refunded (depending on the time of the cancellation prior to the departure):
Up to 30 days before : 100% of the fare
Up to 7 days before : 80% of the fare
Up to 24 hours before : 50% of the fare
24 hours before departure or in the event that the passenger does not show up on boarding, AEGEON PELAGOS is under no obligation to issue a refund. Refunds are issued only by the issuing ticket office upon the company's approval.

Ticket Loss
In the event of ticket loss:
a) The issuing ticket office or AEGEON PELAGOS should be immediately notified.
b) The passenger bears the cost of the new ticket.
The ticket loss is refunded only by the issuing ticket office, three months after the departure date, following verification that the relative ticket has not been used.

Open Tickets
Open tickets are valid for one year from the date of issue. The return fare is at all times calculated based on the low season fare. In the event that the passenger wishes to travel (return) in the middle or high season, he/she must purchase a supplement ticket covering the difference in cost. In case that the current ticket prices are modified during the validity period of the open ticket, passengers have to pay the difference in price. Passengers with open tickets must make their reservation in due time, otherwise the company shall not be held liable if a specific class seat requested is not available. Owners of unused open tickets are entitled to fare refund only by the issuing ticket office and not from any other office. In case a passenger will change the state of an already purchased ticket to open and never use this ticket, cancellation fees are applied (see details under the Changes-Cancellations section).

Timetable Fares
Stated as arrival time is the time of the ship's approach to the port entrance. In regards to any delays due to third parties' liabilities or special weather conditions, the company shall not be held liable. Maritime transportation as well as all harbour fees are included in fare prices. Meals and drinks are not included in fare prices. AEGEON PELAGOS reserves the right to modify its timetable or fare prices with no prior notification.

Special discounts-offers are not cumulative. The return tickets discount (30%) is applicable only when issuing the return ticket at the same time. Passengers should state any special discount they are entitled to prior to the ticket issue.
After the voyage, no fare may be refunded. Groups, coaches and non-accompanied vehicles are subject to negotiable prices.

Children up to 4 years old travel free of charge, yet, without being entitled to a bed, and a respective reservation and zero price ticket issue are required. Children up to 4 years old with a bed are entitled to 50% discount. Children that are 4-12 years old are entitled to 50% discount in all classes. Children that travel with cabin reservations should be escorted by an adult paying the full fare.

Single-use Cabins
In the event of a 2-bed cabin reserved for single, exclusive use, there is a 50% surcharge for the second bed.

Passengers with Disabilities
Our vessels include specially designed cabins for passengers with disabilities and offer easy access to the ship’s public areas (Bars, Restaurants, Lounge etc). It is important that reservations are made on time, due to the limited number of these cabins.

Check-in Procedure
Boarding starts 3 hours prior to departure. Due to our comply with the ISPS (International Ship and Port Facility Security Code) security regulations, all passengers are kindly required to proceed to the embarkation area, at least 2 hours prior to the scheduled departure time. After this time limit, AEGEON PELAGOS reserves the right to cancel the reservation with no fare refund. All passengers should be able to present all valid travel documents required. The company reserves the right not to allow boarding in the event of a passenger not having the travel documents required. In case a passenger is denied entrance into a foreign country, he/she is charged with the return ticket fare. If a passenger is fined by the Port Authorities due to invalid documents, he/she is solely responsible for the payment. In case a passenger wishes to disembark prior to the ship's departure or at a port other than his/her stated destination, then he/she is obliged to inform the ship’s Purser’s Office and upon leaving the ship to take all of his/her travelling belongings as well. In case of vehicles of all kind, please mind that there is the possibility of being unable to remove them from the ship’s garage due to their pre-arranged parking positions.

Pets travel free of charge, in specially designated areas, or on a lead in case of moving. Owners have to accompany each one of their pets with a recently updated health book. Animal presence in cabins, restaurants and bars as well as in all internal community areas of the ships, is strictly prohibited.
Passengers are obliged to take full responsibility care and safety of their pets, to comply with the regulations concerning animal care on board and they solely responsible for any possible harm or damage by their animals to any third party. Detailed regulations can be obtained at AEGEON PELAGOS Offices and the website of AEGEON PELAGOS.

Luggage may remain in the car during the trip, as passengers are kindly requested to carry with them only necessary items. AEGEON PELAGOS shall not be liable on the of loss of money or valuables forgotten in the cabin, ship's common areas or the vehicles. Please report loss at the ship's Reception Desk or the Passenger Department of AEGEON PELAGOS.

Passengers may store their valuables at the ship’s Office for safe-keeping, provided that the total under 500€.

Hazardous Materials
Carriage of guns, cartridges, explosive, flammable, combustible and in general hazardous material is strictly prohibited.

Credit Cards
All major credit cards (AMERICAN EXPRESS, VISA, MASTERCARD) are accepted at the shops and the restaurants on board. CURRENCY USED ON BOARD: € (Euro).

Camping on board
Camping on board is available from April 1st October 31st. Those who travel by caravan or camper check in at least 2.5 hours prior to the scheduled departure time. Delayed arrival of a camper may hinder boarding open deck. Passengers in Campers may use the public areas of the ships (Bars, Restaurants, Lounges Electricity for the Campers is provided free of charge. safety reasons, passengers are strictly prohibited to liquid gas or any other type of fuel during the voyage.

Useful Information
Each cabin may be used as 2-bed, 3-bed or 4- depending on the number of passengers that use it, number of beds existing. Passengers may use public areas of the ships (Bars, Restaurants, Lounges).
Sleeping or eating in the lounges or in the corridors prohibited. Passengers should comply with the staff's instructions in regards to the observance of safety rules ship's good operation. In the event of a dispute from the conditions of carriage, it shall be resolved according to the Greek Law and the competent shall be the Court of Chania, Crete.

Ticket Conditions for Passengers and their Vehicles

Passenger Ticket Conditions
1.This ticket is issued in the passenger’s name , and it is non-transferable. It is valid only for the class and the trip for which it was issued.
2.The fare does not include catering.
3.Passengers should be at the embarkation area half (1/2) hour before departure for the domestic lines and two (2) hours for the international lines.
4.The carrier is not responsible for any damage or loss of the passenger’s luggage on board the ship if the luggage has not been delivered for safe keeping and a relevant receipt has not been issued.
5.Jewelry, money and valuables may be delivered to the ship’s accounting office for safe keeping provided that a relevant receipt is issued.
6.Passengers must observe Port Authorities, Sanitary and Custom’s regulations.
7.Passengers should comply with the captain’s and the crew’s orders regarding order and the safety of the ship.

Vehicle Carriage Conditions
1.Drivers are obliged to load and unload their vehicles.
2.Vehicles should be at the embarkation area one (1) hour before departure for the domestic lines and two (2) hours for the international lines and in any case on the time specified by the Port Regulation in force if it is greater than the carrier’s.
3.The vehicles’ passengers have to exit the vehicle before embarkation and in any case it is forbidden to enter and stay in the vehicles’ space.

Common Conditions for Passenger and Vehicle Carriage
1.It is forbidden the carriage of explosives, inflammable, incendiary and dangerous materials in general.
2.The ticket or the vehicle receipt is not refundable or replaceable in case of loss.
3.The carrier is not liable for any delay in sailing, deviation and not keeping scheduled route, due to bad weather conditions or orders from the Ministry of Mercantile Marine or the Port Authorities or due to force majeure.
4.The carrier has the right, after approval of the Ministry of Mercantile Marine, to substitute the vessel for which the ticket was issued.
5.This carriage contract is governed by Greek Law. Any claim arising from or because of it, is subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of Chania, irrespective of its legal basis. Carriage, domestic or international, is subject to the provisions and financial limits of liability of i) the Athens Convention of 1974 and its protocol of 1976 (L. 1922/1991) and ii) the Brussels Convention of 1924 and its protocols of 1968 and 1979 (L. 2107/1992) to the extent that the above provisions apply to the carriage of passengers and their luggage and vehicles, as the above provisions are in force in Greece. Particularly the Athens Convention includes exclusions and carrier’s liability limits for damage as a result of death or personal injury or loss or damage to luggage or vehicles and it is agreed that the carrier’s liability will be subject to the maximum deductible according to article 8 paragraph 4. The terms and conditions for domestic carriage apply under the reservation of the implementation of L. 3709/2008 “Rights – Obligations of passengers and carriers on regular maritime carriage and other provisions”.
6.The carrier and the ship are not liable for accident, loss or damage occurring prior to boarding or loading, during loading onboard and discharge from the ship as well as after disembarkation or unloading.

Domestic Animal Transportation Terms
1.Domestic animals must always be accompanied by their owner, they must be tied (with a leash or chain) and they must wear a muzzle when they are outside of their cage.
2.The transported animals must have been appropriately vaccinated and they must be accompanied by an updated health record which shall be presented to the ship's staff.
3.The animal's presence in interior common areas of the ship (cabins, restaurants, bars, etc.) is strictly prohibited, and their presence in busy exterior areas must be avoided, except: a) for specially trained animals that aid persons with special needs and possess the relevant certificates and b) small pets, provided that they are carried in special baskets or are wearing a muzzle, which are not allowed however to enter restaurants, bars and cabins, unless the ship has special booths. In any case, if other passengers express protest, the animals shall be taken to an exterior area or to the cages .
4.The owner bears the responsibility for the care and hygiene of the domestic animal and he is responsible for observing the applicable rules. Any bodily or material damages caused by the domestic animals are borne by their owner, who must take preventive measures.
5.Unaccompanied domestic animals shall not be accepted.
6.The Carrier cannot guarantee that the Local Authorities shall allow the disembarkation of the domestic animal in any of the ports it approaches.

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